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#44 – Steven Cosgrove

#44 – Steven Cosgrove

I had the good fortune to meet Steven a few times in person in the Wire & Wood shop in Lurghan, Northern Ireland, and let him play a couple of .strandberg* guitars before it was his time to settle on the specifications for his Made to Measure guitar. So the choices were carefully made: Wenge neck is clearly a recipe for success, as is Swamp Ash in the body. They are complemented by a nice curly Koa top and to top off the clear and open sonic characteristics, it has Lace Alumitone X-Bar pickups.

Here is what Steven said upon receiving it:

Hi Ola,
I don’t know what to say. You’ve built a heck of a guitar! It looks and sounds beautiful. It plays better than anything else.

Now I can’t wait for the next one! You need to get to work on a double neck design.

Thanks for the masterpiece,

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